Basically, I am not big about writing on wedding stuff. While I respect the various customaries, I value feeling good throughout the event over stressing out on the details. Hence, I had long told my Ma not to bother about the 四点金 (4-piece set of gold jewellery) because one, this is actually a customary required by the Teochews (we are Hokkiens) before the other Chinese got too excited and follow suit, two, gold are not cheap. I think the money can really be better saved. But, it was still hard to reject my Ma’s push of goodwill.  Since I am fussy about anything design related,  I was tasked to get the four gold pieces myself.

My philosophy with such precious metals is a balance one between functionality/asethetics and reasonable value. Hence, no overpriced diamond set or expensive traditional looking 999 pure yellow gold set. After browsing in various shops, I finally settled on simple classic designs from Tian Po and Goldheart. At the point of purchase, Tian Po’s 916 gold was $55.50/g while Goldheart’s was $57.50/g.


1. 22K/916 Gold Hoop Earring ($88)

I had previously set my eyes on this pair of classic hammered hoop earrings from Blue Nile. But since I have to buy something from the local stores, I picked these edged earrings that is hollow and weighs a dainty 1.12g i.e 916 gold cost of $62.16 with workmanship cost of $20.08, and total cost after 7% GST is $88.

2. 18K Rose Gold Necklace ($206) + 14K Rose Gold Horseshoe Pendant with clustered diamonds ($400)

I am unlikely to wear those chunky gold designs with engraving details, and the very upclass and modern Italian designs like Poh Heng Oro22 collection are just off budget (a bangle is about $6,000). One of my best friends, YJ, shared that she got a diamond necklace that is versatile and wearable. I thought that was a good idea, so I decided to look for my vanity piece, which is a rose gold necklace to complement my skin tone. I chose the horseshoe pendant for its good luck symbolism and the hefty discount of 40%, so  the original price of $668 was reduced to $400. The necklace was on a 20% discount, so $258 was reduced to $206. I made an effort to choose an affordable cluster diamonds’ pendant instead of a single solitarie diamond pendant that would be very costly.

3. 22K/916 Mode Gold Links’ Bracelet ($489)

I like Goldheart’s Mode Gold collection as it is the most affordable yet classic range of Italian Gold designs. The 11 infinity links’ bracelet is very versatile, and will be great for dinner functions. It weighs 5.97g ie 916 gold cost of $337.31 with workmanship cost of $120, and total cost after 7% GST is $489.

4. 22K/916 Milgrain Gold Ring ($245)

This is from Tian Po and we got W an identical one as part of a couple ring set. The milgrain design makes it look much more than its actual value; my Ma thought the ring was lined with tiny little diamond at the sides. It is a less modern version of this pretty thing here, but I am contented. It weighs 3.42g ie 916 gold cost of $189.81 with workmanship cost of $39.16, and total cost after 7% GST is $245.

All in all,

The four gold items costs $1,428 in total, a large sum of money! But it is still considerably cheaper than the usual $3,000 – $3,500 that people will spend on a chunkier 916 gold set. I am more than happy that I have achieved a good balance of my parents’ wishes, my own preference and more importantly, not over splurging. Spending within your means is a very basic requirement of living happily.

I had actually dreaded to embark on some basic research and browsing because it was definitely something tedious, but it turned out fine because I appreciated having learnt new things like gold composition, how gold jewellery prices are calculated and even the market positioning of the various local gold jewellers.


Out of the $1,428, my vanity piece costs $606
For the remaining $822 of 916 gold ring + earrings + bracelet,
916 gold cost is $589.28 – 76.7%
Workmanship fee is $179.24 – 23.3%
GST is $53.48 – additional 7%




I’m quite a lazy bride – I’m a little not so motivated to plan all the wedding trivials, BUT when it comes to a task that I can apply any sense of colours/art (however small), I will get terribly excited.

Using Rhonna Design App, while referencing around in Pinterest, I created our save the date notice that I send out to the friends right afterwards. It took about 30 minutes to choose the correct sticker, and fonts. I even use a standard Rhonna background!

Keep wedding trivials simple + fun!