As I recount life since I earned my own keep, it is evident that if there is anything I spent on, it is on travel. Real joy travel, not work travel of course. Experiences are much better than possessions at making me happier.

This year, because of W’s work committment and our wedding planning, we are staying put so I am looking around instead of looking overseas. Some weeks back, I found out that Trick Eye Museum,which I have always wanted to go, is in Singapore! I was a little hesitant about the near $23 entrance fee (10% discount if you buy online). Coincidentally, the Song of the Sea performance has been replaced by a new show – Wings of the Time and W is keen to watch. A local resident rate is $15. $38 in total; attractions are indeed pricey here.

And, luck has it that I stumbled upon this All Deals Asia deal today! Coupled with my Citibank Rewards Card discount, each set of tickets cost only $27 (a near 29% savings). Even without the Citibank Rewards Card, you can sign up for an account via my Invite Friend link here and get $5 credits There is a cap of credit that you can use for each deal e.g. $1 – $2 but it is still good money to be cherished.

Trick Eye

Post Update: Wings of the Time, despite a short 25 minutes show, was really worth watching. The featured image gives a good hint to the ending. Do go for it!