The youth club in my neighbourhood has organised a food collection drive for needy families in the area. The list of basic necessities required are salt, oil, instant noodles, biscuits and rice and we are to leave them at our doorstep on the stipulated collection date. Each of us in the family contributed $10 and in total, W & I set off to get the things with $50. We managed to get 2 sets of items for a total of $51.35, with each set consisting of 10 items:


  1. Fairprice 100% White Rice 5kg – $5.50 (promotional price, UP $5.90)
  2. Fairprice Sunflower Oil 1L – $3.55 (promotional price, UP $4.15)
  3. Fairprice Instant Oatmeal soft pack 800g – $3.90
  4. Milo soft pack 400g – $3.65 (promotional price, UP $3.95)
  5. Myojo Instant Noodle pack of 5 – $1.75 (promotional price, UP $2)
  6. Indomie Instant Mee Goreng pack of 5 – $1.80 (promotional price, UP $2)
  7. Hup Seng Cream Crackers – $2 (promotional price, UP $2.30)
  8. Khong Guan Assorted Biscuits 300g – $1.80 (promotional price, UP $2.70)
  9. Kraft Chipsmore Double Chocolate Cookies – $1.275 (promotional price of $2.55 for two, UP $1.60 each)
  10. Pagoda Fine Salt – $0.45

Some after thoughts –

  1. Because I have been staying with my parents and my Mum does all the cooking, I can be quite unfamiliar with food prices in general, it is only today that I just found out a kg of rice can cost between $1.10 to $4-5. Coincidentally, there are some Assumption Pathway School students doing some excursion cum exercise in the NTUC I visited. It is a good move that I applaud, will this be done in all schools now? Dear parents, maybe you can go through this exercise with your child. Should you want to make a charity buy like this too, it is really doubly meaningful. For oldies like myself, it’s really better late than never to be more aware.
  2. I had initially planned to visit my neighbourhood mama shop to get the items, but I decided to hit NTUC in the end, because of their household brand of rice and oil. I did some price comparison online and find their price very competitive. It was important for me to stretch my dollar, but not at the huge expense of the taste or quality so I chose NTUC which I trust the most. Personally, I have never tried their brand of white rice, but I plan to do so when I do cook on my own next time.
  3. We added in Milo and instant oats because these are dried stuff that can be kept and they are great for breakfast or those hunger pangs / low sugar moments. I was initially hesitant about adding in the instant noodles but W reminded that it is important to get food that people will eat and find comfort in.
  4. If not for those promotional price, the total bill for the same amount of food would have cost $64.85, easily 20% more expensive! The amount of savings is really substantial if you check the prices carefully. And I have a confession to make, because of my inexperience, it took me an hour to get everything in place.
  5. I am aware that these food are probably very minimal in helping people, but in this life,  W & I strive to give within our means, and make a small difference.