Live Simple x Green

In Jan 14, I listened to my inner voices and left my stable day job to embark on a thinking break and pursue some form happiness.

After tons of reading and deep soul searching, I came to realise that a simple lifestyle fits me best. A simple lifestyle of even lesser physical possessions and wants, but enriched with more personal development and pursuit of interests (largely arts, designs, and also yoga).

Basic living formula –
Buy/Consume Less x Earn Less x Work Less x
Spend more time on personal interests

  • I have totally stopped buying new clothes (except for wedding stuff) because I have now learnt the magic of re-fashion/hacking mama or my old clothes.
  • I have simple and quite boring lifestyle habits, be it exercising, or facial regime.
  • Food is one area W & I spend more on. We are not really foodies we do eat out a fair bit and enjoy trying something nice/special and best affordable. However, things are moderated such that we always share food and I really avoid food wastages for a very green reason. Recently, W is getting real busy with work travel  so I am learning how to cook some basic fare. I also love homecooked meals a lot and would eat at home at least half the time if possible.
  • My interests are broad but they don’t necessarily cost. I have a blend of interests but re-fashion/hacking, reading, and yoga remains top top. For leisure, I also love walking around a lot too and also attends a bunch cool free classes hosted by National Library or other bodies. Oh, I also read up about finances/investments a fair amount, I know, my interests are really quite broad (haha).




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