Clothes’ Upcycling

My close friends, by now, are aware that I am quite crazy over upcycling. Upcycling is not a new term in the recent years, especially in the western countries. To me, it is a mean to extend ‘lifespan’ of an object and prevent it from being discarded into the almost full landfill in Singapore.

Amidst my busy work schedule last year, I tried to take up dressmaking classes, in hope to alter my own clothes. It was not a total success because the tutor seems to be more competent in making new clothes from scratch and I got too busy with work before we get to try that out. The inertia and fear of failing was simply too strong (humph!).

So, I thought there was very very little hope of me completing my own alteration project, until I attended a simple session hosted by the National Library! The session was called Upcycling Your Clothes by Agy. Agy went through with us the entire process of the resources required to make just a top, I used to dabble in textile related work so I was more or less aware of how crazy the whole industry was, but viewing the entire chain in a quick video format was really impactful. What truly spurred me on to start my own upcycling projects were her various works that she shared with us – it turned out that, as long as you can sew simple stitches, you will be able to hack your own clothes!

So, this is how my Project #1 started!

This is a really pretty bridesmaid dress from one of my bestest friends. Peach pink with lace details complemented by peach pink chiffon for the bottom. However, the babydoll cut renders it really unflattering for anyone bigger than UK size 6/8. So, I thought why not separate the top and bottom then take the bottom as a skirt?


So I begun to unpick the stitches joining the top and bottom. The lining was a separate piece so I unpick the lining too and then use a simple blanket stitch to sew the lining back to the bottom. And it became a nice and versatile fairy skirt.


So I paired it with a blank tank top and went out with it. Oh! As for the lace portion left behind, I used part of it and made it into a necklace, with some other scrap materials. That’s story to tell for another day. It also makes a lot of sense to be keeping this piece of item (in another fashion) that is quite sentimental to me.

So, really, all you need to know is simple sewing and a love for upcycled stuff! And, I can only say, I’m really grateful to Agy and NLB for helping me recognise a hidden and almost forgotten passion.