Hi I’m Lapis, 29 years old Singaporean born and bred.

Lapis is certainly not my real name; it was a nickname randomly picked by my husband to be (HTB), W. But I really liked it and hence starting using it as my online persona. For those of you with some bit of food knowledge about the southeast asia region, you will be familiar with the Kueh Lapis – which literally means rich layer cake, it is made up of layers of cake grilled layer by layer on top of one another. Sounds tedious? Yey, I like the idea of how tedious yet meticulous it sounds, because I can be a tedious person sometimes (LOL).

I was once a corporate rat for a good six years until I accepted that enough is enough and decided to take a good enough sabbatical. What is good enough? Well, it is still under definition because of several fluid plans until end of the this year.

I’m a Buddhist but my learnings are considerably shallow so I am constantly on the learning trail in the form of daily observations, Buddhism readings or thoughts’ sharing with my HTB. End of the day, I constantly remind myself to practise good intentions.

I strive to be a minimalist because I have come to realise we only need this much physical possessions to live in this life. Minimal things, means lesser clutter, sorting cleaning and maintenance. And this means more time for things of my interest – urban farming, jewellery design, upcycling, yoga, learning a new language, reading and of course more memorable experiences with my loved ones in life.

I love to savour yummy eats + explore new places then log them down on my instagram. And I also tweet occasionally on social goodness, environmental issues to raise more awareness.

Oh as for William? That is the last name of my HTB; I just have to incorporate him in this interesting life ahead.


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