Matcha Mochi Meditation


I brood a lot, until Mr W labels me as a walking worry wart sometimes. I guess this naturally happens when you are a hypersensitive person who leans towards paranoia too often. And, it really doesn’t help when someone like me is taking a slower pace towards life now; I basically brood even more sometimes. SO, I made a mental note to stop all these self inflicting nonsense and decided to DO SOMETHING. And today’s form comes in baking!

Baking requires research, deliberation, ingredient preparation and step by step work. To me, it is the nicest form of meditation. I forget to brood and start to get really focused on every single step, purposefully. You can really get your cake and eat it (literally).

Many months back, my wondrous friend YJ, shared this Matcha Mochi Cake recipe with me because I gave her some matcha powder. Months later, I am still staring at the Matcha and another pack of matcha latte from Muji. AND, since there is leftover glutinous rice flour in the fridge (one of my bro-in-law got very excited making muah chee some weeks back) so I thought, what better time to conjure this right? It is a simple recipe and I even used the simpler cupcake version because I have the Morries Mini Cupcake Maker.

The colour didn’t turn out so great because my Matcha powder is probably medicore grade, but it does taste chewy with a touch of crunch on the outer layer. And whatever I worried about didn’t happen. Yummy meditation.


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