If there are 3 habits that I am certain I can keep for the rest of my life, it will be warm lemon water, oats and Straits Times.

Every morning, I spend 30 minutes of my morning to sip my warm lemon water slowly while reading Straits Times on my ipad then make my oats that will be drank slowly for another 20 minutes. This minimalist one hour breakfast has nursed back my gastric to pretty good health.

Why warm lemon water?

It all started from an old friends’ gathering 3 months back whereby someone shared that her client paid a few thousands for a machine that can process the tap water into alkaline water, and how it has cured his kids’ constipation issue. I went to google for a alkaline food chart and found out that lemon deserves a +9.9 (contrary to our usual understanding, see some articles here, here and here.) I agree with the thinking that it is alkalising inside the body. Before this, I had read somewhere that an overall acidic body condition ages you, OK I confess that was the initial motivating factor. But, a deeper dive brings much even much more benefits in drinking lemon water, you can get plenty of materials with a quick search on google. But personally, I have experienced the below

  1. Boost in immunity and reduction in phlegm – usually by this time of the year, I would have already come down with flu or chronic cough at least 2-3 times but I am all cleared this year as of now.
  2. Clearer skin – I am blessed with decent skin condition save for those bumpy blemishes on my forehead, last check shows that they are gone. I think this is the effect of the liver detox that was one of the benefits mentioned.
  3. Reduction in digestive problems – I used to experience acid reflux and bloatness in my tummy, this always lead to dizzy spells then nausea then vomitting. Occurence has reduced greatly and so far nil vomitting. My irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has also greatly improved!

A lemon costs 65 cents from NTUC Fairprice, and because these are usually larger, I only squeeze in juice of 1/6 wedge for each cup of water for moderation sake. I think 1/2 a lemon is really too much. Anyway, so that’s 10 cents each morning. Once in a blue moon, I do get organic ones, that costs up to $1.80 each, and they are also smaller, so I probably use a quarter, so that’s 45 cents per serving. For organic juice, I will place the squeezed lemon wedge into the warm water for the lemon oils within the skin to be released. I find this 10 cents spent good value for health since I can save on supplements or posible medication costs.

Please read also why overly acidic body conditions are bad for you here and here. Oh, do go through those articles I linked, several tips include drinking the lemon water warm, avoid adding honey (it turns the water acidic!) And do not let the lemon sit in the water for a prolonged period; freshly squeezed is the best.

Keep being healthy, I will probably talk about the oats next time.


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