Don’t Forget How Fortunate We Really Are


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I will never forget the impact that was left on me when I saw the same lines a few years ago. Quite obviously, I still remember to look for them today. Sometimes we get too swamped with day to day trivials or issues that we forget that there are less fortunate people around us who need our help, however little or trivial we may want to think of it.

Since I started working, I have donated a small amount of money to community chest monthly from part of my salary. Now that my salary has discontinued since I am on a break, I have been looking for new avenues to donate a small sum to – legitimate, meaningful and more importantly impactful. Months ago, I saw this TV programme of a Singaporean mother fostering a baby, despite having 3 or 4 children of her own. During the interview, the mother said something along this line that left a strong impression on me, ‘Of course we understand we will not keeping this baby with us forever, but since we are able to, we would want to help give this baby a good start in life so that he/she can develop better in his/her own way.” By the way, they are just an average working couple living in a HDB flat, I will never forget how noble they are. Henceforth, I have decided that the first organisation W & I will donate to this year is the Children’s Society, it only makes so much sense.

Then a few months later, I chanced upon OCBC Today Children’s Fund whereby OCBC will match every $2 of our donation with $1. This is double the joy, because the donation gets enlarged by 50% more from a bank so why not? Harness the money spinning power of these financial institutions!

W & I have a Little Blue Man Fund, it is basically some coin bank pictured below. Every time we have some small change, we will feed Little Blue Man. In fact, W is the one who started this habit. Previously, once the coin bank is full, he will pass it to any organisation of his choice. I suggested to him that the coin bank is probably a clutter/liability for the organisation (seriously, if everyone does that, what use do they have for this), they are probably better off with just the donation. Hence, this time round, we deposited the coins then made the donation via the OCBC Today Children’s Fund website which accepts a few modes of payment, including credit card.

 Little Blue Man FundThe donation is only $85 based on the coins we have collated, but thanks to OCBC 50% matching, it will translate into $127.50. I read more and found that this amount is still $27.50 short of the cost of a week’s of therapy programmes for a child. To me, what matters is the thought and the community effort. Do remember how fortunate we really are and share something, even if it is $10 or $20. I guess you can only feel better.


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