What’s in my simple x green Saturday?

Like any Saturday, I wished to stay away from the weekend crowd. Hence I suggested lunch at Pasar Bella, because W & I love Le Patio mixed Seafood Paella and the iced earl grey tea. The portion is decent at $13.50, with squid, mini octopus, a big prawn, several mussels and tender chicken chunks topping the paella rice. Make it a set with my favourite ice earl grey tea for $17.50. So, two person can enjoy this Spanish delight for a good $8.75, a small indulgence at a reasonable price, you also don’t overstuff your stomach.

After a good belly patting meal, we did our usual round around the farmers’ market. And this time round, I got a small bonus, SG Organic who owned a small corner in Pasar Bella was holding summer sale promotion and I got very good organic lettuce and pumpkin for 95 cents each! I was really quite happy with my buy, a 100g organic pumpkin can cost up to $3.50, after all for the amount of work, a fair value has to be given.


Side track a little, I do wish to have a small organic garden patch when W & I get our own house in two years’ time. Does anyone has experience in planting organic veg in HDB or small spaces? If you have any tips on how to start very small, please share!

And then it was time to catch 开心鬼! As part of Happy Ghosts’ 30 years’ anniversary, Mediacorp is broadcasting 开心鬼 I,II, III today, and next two Saturdays (12 and 19 Jul) respectively, 2.30pm on Channel. I’m a fan of nostagic hongkong movies and please don’t say go Youtube and watch lah – the feeling is just very different when you abide by the timing and then switch on the TV with a delightful squeak.

Dinner consisted of homecooked dishes by my Ma and Sis who are both excellent cooks – stir fry greens and prawns, otah omelette, steamed sambal fish, and a big pot of herbal chicken + black fungus stew. As part of my self initiated education to know more about food prices (haha I know, so lame…), I asked my Sis how much did it cost her to prepare the pot of herbal stew and the answer was $10 to $15. By the way, six of us reported for dinner! Can only say it’s really great to be able to eat together as a family. It is much more cost effective, and it is nicer to chit chat and bond in a cosy yet quieter home enviroment. Seriously, I hate to be out for dinners during the weekends in SG, it only cause me potential gastric reflux with the crowd, noise and neverending queues.


I find my Saturday spent in a pretty simple yet enjoyable manner that didn’t have to cost a bomb. Perhaps it isn’t really that green, unless you count both of us sharing food and minimising wastage, because W actually drove to Pasar Bella (although parking is free at Grandstand). If there is one thing most un-green about us, it’s W’s darling car. And that will be a thought for another day. Meanwhile, there is also the option of the free shuttle to and fro Grandstand every hour. I will try it very soon.



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