Quick Prata & Curry Fix


Sometimes, I am quite certain that my mum may want to get married off on my behalf, then cook on my behalf and then clean on my behalf. Because, I am just not that adequate in these areas. It is ironic that my Sis and her are very capable in domestic terms (no, I wasn’t adopted. I would like to maintain that I am just more developed in other areas like being fussy about food).

Anyway anyway, being a good (overaged) girl who tries to listen mummy, I decide to make some effort once in a blue moon to learn at least a few dishes. It is all based on whatever I can find in her fridge, basically it is always too hot/humid for me to walk 5 minutes to the nearest supermarket. So so so, I saw sweet potatoes, and instant prata then somehow the dots connected. Lunch would be prata with vegetable curry. Instant food bad for health, curry also bad for health leh, but what to do, I feel like a sinner today. And basically, I only do dishes that can be cooked in a old Tiger rice cooker, fit for steaming only due to metal base defects, or our all wonder Meyer pot.

It was quite messy because I was trial and error-ing but it turned out quite yummy. So, I ran through the steps in my brain, lean six it and would like to share the below one-person recipe with all similar souls:

  1. Find sweet potatoes / potatoes, carrots, pumpkins (mixture A) in the fridge. Deskin the necessary and cut into cubes. Just some of each will do. More of sweet potato though. Same for onions / tomatoes but just some will do too.
  2. Place mixture A into steamer for about 20 minutes. Mash them up with a fork.
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons of curry paste then stir in onions/tomatoes and return it to steaming for another 10 minutes. Add some water to your own liking.
  4. Meanwhile, on low heat in a pan, heat up the instant prata. Flip it constantly and remember low heat to avoid any chao tar situation.
  5. Add 1-2 teaspoon of yoghurt to the curry then serve together. Can squeeze some lemon/lime juice over. Lettuce tastes excellent with the curry dip, so add that in too!

For steaming in our house, we use a old Tiger rice cooker method. Rice cooker is like the best invention in the world okay. Give me that over a hair iron anytime please. For heating up the prata, we have a big Meyer pot at home so I just use that.

For instant prata, my favourite brand is Spring Home, although Sakura has rolled out a crispier and thinner version that often goes on sale now because they probably need to gain market share. Do not, do not remove the prata from freezer until pan is hot. If not, you will face sticky dough situation, literally.

For the curry paste, I found Ayam brand and A1 brand in the freezer so I just use a little of both. Oh, I intended to use some HL milk but found that we ran out so I just found the next best, some yoghurt. It works fine too. But add by teaspoon because it will make the curry too sour if you overdo it.

Lastly, if the portion ended up too big, you can cool the unfinished and then freeze it. Use the same bowl and just cover with a dish for ease of steaming and serving! I would probably use them up within 3 days, although I know some people freeze things for ages. I was thinking of using it for either fried rice, baked rice, curry bread toast or even curry noodles etc etc.

The steps are quite simple and because the curry paste already has oil mixed in, I don’t add in any oil or seasoning. Guess it’s still lesser of a sin compared to what we get outside? Now, let me go drink more water to ensure the sore throat won’t come back again…




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