Simple Yoga

It is absolutely hot in Singapore in recent days, and also crazily humid. It’s 9.30pm and I can sit down typing, and sweating. Yes, it gets annoying, to the extent of hateful.

But I still count my blessings, it’s the perfect weather for hot yoga. I practise yoga for the sake of only one thing, my chronic back ache that has been getting back at me for 6 years. It was a neglected sprain that was not fully treated, and further worsened from long hours of computer work fatigue. Specialist treatment has proven ineffective, and yoga is the only saviour.

Back to simple yoga. It’s a trend to pay $20-$30 for a session of hot yoga in a nice yoga palour (I call them palours because most are so classy these days), but the heat is artificial and personally I find it tad too high for our pores and body (although many love the apparent detox effect). It is not suitable for everyone. Instead, I make use of this hot and stuffy weather to do my regular yoga, without fan or aircon on, and I sweat sufficiently too. I find it a good balance, not too strenous but warm enough to help me purge out my sweat.

Of course, it’s also for people who have practised yoga previously. I have practised yoga under supervision for quite a long period of time, so I am able to do all the simple poses at home myself.

Yoga is also a way for me to recollect myself, and regain some awareness, via a short mediation session at the end. I hope, I will be able to commit to myself to keep practising yoga in this simple fashion until I am too old to move.


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