Eat Simple x Green Experiment

28/4 Mon
Breakfast: Pumpkin+fish porridge and steamed broccoli
Late snacks: Matcha Latte soft serve and takopachi $10/2 = $5
Dinner: Ramen Santouka $28 (groupon)/$2 = $14

29/4 Tue
Breakfast: Oats
Lunch: Real Food Cafe, baked rice, stuffed veg salad, dumpling soup, orange carrot juice, wheatgrass apple juice $50/2 = $25
Teatime: Latte $4
Dinner: Joint dinner effort, W takeaway Boon Tong Kee steamed chicken (no dressing and oil at all) and Mum cooked vegetables. Dad had to spoil it with fried fish and tofu $24/4 = $6
Desserts: Weather was so warm and we just had to share a blackball $6/2 = $3

30/4 Wed
Breakfast: Oats
Lunch: Ichiban Boshi, last day to redeem my $10 reward and foc adegashi tofu. W ordered Katus Don (I’m staging a protest against this already) and Korobuta Pork (tasted real bad and also expensive) while I picked the grilled Sanur fish that turned out well. We shared the rice because they always give a big portion. $34/2 = $17
Tea: warmed up banana tart $2 from Donna Manis plus pears and strawberries by the side
Dinner: steamed cabbage + otah (expiring so must cook it lah)

1/5 Thu
Breakfast: Oats
Lunch: I made some simple pasta for myself that was flooded with chopped vegetables (I am really a poor cook), cannot gauged properly and ended up with only 2 mouthful of pasta. Fail.
Early dinner: Mum’s homecooked dinner – rice with soup (I get a small chicken thigh every time, haa), fry veg with mushrooms and braised chicken
Late dinner: must catch up with my friend, ended up at Little Diner again – truffle fries (very bad), a salad, deep fried crab cakes, apple crumble with ice cream (tasted bad…), ice coffee for her and ice tea for me $62/2 = $31

2/5 Fri
Breakfast: Oats
Brunch: Au Chocolate, 3 of us shared the awesome mushroom chicken crepe, king’s breakfast, truffle fries (yes, again, I fail) and an OJ. $81/3 = $27
Tea: couldn’t resist going over to Tsujiri for some matcha fix after the stroll at Gardens by Bay, $15/3 = $5
Dinner: Ah Poh Seafood stingray and crispy noodle, how to resist when it’s a Friday you tell me, $14/2 = $7

3/5 Sat
Breakfast: Oats
Lunch: Monthly gathering with old friends at Skinny Pizza, 3 pizzas and 1 truffle fries (yes again, I only ate 3 okay), $18
Tea: Lousy overly sweet weird milky Fuji drink from Teadot, ended up wasting half of it (sugar is toxin, I just cannot bear to overload), $7
Early Dinner: so hungry because Skinny Pizza not filling at all, so ended up at Pepperoni and had a Pesto Pasta (90% by myself) while W had his coffee and I succumbed to some chocolate dessert that I regretted having (not nice), $36/2 = $18

4/5 Sun
Breakfast: Oats
Snack: Johan sinful mini crossiants and cheesecakes to share with my friend who kindly gave me a movie treat of Rio, $6/2 = $3
Lunch: Terribly watered down Korean beanpaste soup at Westgate food court, but at least it’s quite healthy, only greens, tofu and beansprout,with rice $7
Dessert: Coconut Pudding from Isetan Supermart, $3
Dinner: homecooked dinner by Mum, so healthy and happy again

Note that I didn’t take down the separate fruit servings I had.

In total, I spent a whooping $202 eating out for the week, considering the discount from the voucher and the Ichiban reward card. And clearly, I have indulged in way too much sweet food over the week, which is weird for a non sweet tooth person like me. If I had cut down on those desserts/juices/sweetened juice, I could have easily saved $45 for this week. Even if I just take once, I will able to save $35-$40. And I don’t even feel any pain not taking desserts most of the time. $150 is definitely a more acceptable amount for eating out, although I should just aim for $100 $80 (update: quite guilty after I just read this, average spend is only about $250 per month)

Improved awareness is definitely needed. I really need to eat more at home or steam more vegetables or okay learn how to cook better. Also, I really must keep to desserts once a week (sugar is toxin for the body).

Maybe in another month’s time or so, I will conduct another ‘self audit’. Clearly, I am still a long way from living simple.


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