Eat Simple x Green

I have to admit, I like to eat (lah). Or rather, I like to sample food, the more the variety the better. There were always two concerns, the health (increasingly exploding waistline) and the bleeding pocket. These days, a No 3, eating green for sake of the environment and sustainability. It is a form of awareness to me.

On Instagram, I have seen many devoted and hardcore vegans whose diets comprised of raw food and home grown vegetables (using DIY organic compost, I am so jealous, I want to be able to do the same in the near future). I won’t be able to achieve this completely, but I do try to make an effort.

Last week, I conducted a small experiment to check if I am really eating simple x green. Painstakingly summoned my old hand and brain to record down what I have been eating.

Breakfast – basically the same every single day for past year. 30ml of Quaker Instant Oats (smooth and creamy) in a cup of hot boiling water. I do try and remember to take in 1-2 servings of fruits an hour after my oats. Once a week, the oats will be replaced with the ultra nutritious pumpkin + fish porridge that the expert my mum prepare.

This consumption habit didn’t start because I woke up a self declared health guru one day, it started after years of incessant torture of gastric problems. I will share more next time. Anyway, this boring habit won’t change. I even lug my oats everytime I travel – yes, hardcore.

Lunch – usually the indulgence meal, it can be anything. From hawkers to bistro to cafes to restaurants (no thanks to several groupon deals that I couldn’t resist), it is basically the chance to try and taste something different something nice.

I have started using pindropapp and I basically pindrop anything I wish to try, mainly because I’d rather not eat the same food and spend the money and some possible visceral fats on something different.

I believe in a weekly spread literally – max 1 x fried food, moist cooking method preferred vs dry heat, variety of mushroom/soy/fish/seafood/chicken/pork in sequence, carbs are not avoided, unless excessive. As for salads and vegetables, I do avoid eating outside unless I can get super nice or special ones because I find that the price is just not well justified (I will prepare them myself!). Of course, I will target those mains that come with small side vegetables to fulfil 1 serving if possible. I avoid over-ordering so that I won’t overeat because I really hate wasting money and food.

Oh, and I do look at the price, affordable range ($10 to $25) most of the time and a small indulgence maybe once a week.

Oh oh oh and I have weaned off processed meat more or less – no sausages, ham or luncheon as much as possible. And it helps that I do not take beef/mutton/lamb and pork appears once in a while because my mum used them for soup broth and because I can’t give up my pork cheek at Ramen Santouka.

Dinner – this is when I get my vegetable dosage and also because I am a no fuss cum lazy and struggling cook giant kitchen hazard who loves steaming vegetables and making turkish salads (literally tomatoes and cucumbers).

Half the week, I will have dinners with my parents and my mum the talented (this talent has been passed onto my Sis, I am just not cut out for it hah) will do her veg, tofu, some meat dishes, soup or a simple beehoon soup, very healthy + yummy. Of course there will be once in a while sinful stuff like curry chicken, tze char takeaways, which I will just join in and enjoy the food of course.

The other half of the week, I have dinners with W, and I usually steam vegetables or do my forever favourite Turkish salads with whatever else I feel like I can find (it was otah once and gyoza the other, not so great). Rice is dependant on how heavy lunch is. Some days, we will have indulging add-on like the McDonald Mala Burger that W just had to try, or the Ah Poh BBQ sambal stingray that I cannot forsake.

Snacks/Tea time – in the ideal world, we eat fruits and unsalted nuts. But the world is round and not that ideal, so sometimes we do hop off for a waffle, an ice cream or the ever satisfying latte (always got a new cafe right?). But it also means no carbs for dinner if possible. And, I am actually quite coffee sensitive, so I only take sips of W’s latte and take my own latte-with-no-sugar once a week (best accompanied with a good cake/waffle). Otherwise, I am forever sipping the boring but good hot green tea (I even cut down on my favourite Pokka canned green tea that obviously has added sugar).

Okay, it doesn’t sound that that that simple but I basically have developed these small rules that I build up over the years so it is not that complex for me, and I believe I am about 30 to 40% green. It is still a decent start.

Update: after I posted this, I posted down details of the week’s eats and was a little taken aback by the sugar overdose and pocket bleed. Obviously, things (or rather maybe my choices) didn’t go according to my own perceptions very fully. It only shows I have more room for improvement.





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