A few good things

Throwback to one week before I left my last job, a few good things x awareness –

Often, multi-tasking has been sold as a good deal, a good skill. In fact, my primary school teacher used to train us hard at this. So I grew up feeling proud of this attribute, and this was further reinforced as a very useful skill set for work. But like all over dosages in life, I come to realise how tiring and worn out every day has become when I am always rushing, always multi-tasking with my brains ‘partitioned’ into portions for various activities. When was the last time I can really focus? Why does it seem like my memory is getting worse and there are more slip ups in my judgement call?

I have basically lost my sense of awareness and ability to focus on a single issue properly, what more several issues together.

This year, I will start to return to simplicity and re-learn how to focus (like babies for example, they focus really well even on smallest task like grabbing someone’s finger and hold onto it really tight) and build up my sense of awareness. When I speak to my loved ones, I shall be paying full attention. When I eat, I shall enjoy the food and the company. When I travel, I shall thoroughly enjoy myself and live in every moment.

Yesterday, I focused on ironing my clothes (it’s somehow therapeutic for me). Today, I focused on catching up with people at work as I am unlikely to see once I leave my current job. Just now, I focused on the good company of W.

A few good things are all we need in life, so focus.


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