The world is getting too convenient

I always have problems tearing my eyes away from other diners’ table. Mr A devours all the meat/fish and leaves all the vegetables/side salad behind. Miss B eats only half of her rice because 50% carbs or eating only half of everything is probably the high way for her to go slim.

Very often, I wonder – if we are the one who sowed the seeds, harvest the rice, will we just eat only half a bowl of the rice? If we are the one who plant the vegetables and watch them grow from a small seedling, will we just leave them cold on the plate to add onto the food waste problems that Singapore (and the world) is already facing. See chart of ‘food wastage in Singapore over the years’ – 796,000,000 kg, that’s a crazy figure!

The Moneyless Man, Mark Boyle, described it so aptly “If we grew our own food, we wouldn’t waste a third of it as we do today… The degrees of separation between the consumer and the consumed have increased so much that we’re completely unaware of the levels of destruction and suffering embodied in the stuff we buy.”

We are living in a world of convenience, a trip to a supermarket last week got me pears from South Africa and strawberries from South Korea. And best of it, each box costs $3 to $4 after promotion. Nice? Not entirely. Things are getting so convenient that we have become inconsiderate, self centred and wasteful. This cannot be sustained for long, and this is why we have people who step out and educate about sustainable living.

We may not make it to be another Mark Boyle, but at least, let’s think twice before we over order food outside or over stock up your grocery. Only want to eat half a bowl of rice? Then, be a true Singaporean and share lah.


Another thought invoking article from The Straits Times.


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Please remember to share your books with your friends or donate it to the local libraries when you are done with it. Let’s stay green.


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